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Blue waffle swole on a penis

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You must have heard the term blue waffle disease doing rounds on the Internet.. Medically, it is said that the vagina is battered by the penis or device of similar nature that leads to. 25 Jul 2012. Watery or cloudy discharge from the vagina (females) or penis (males); Pain. Secondary stage: This stage is marked by flu and swollen glands, along with. . Mild. 20 May 2013. It is also accompanied by symptoms such as fever, swollen glands, hair it affects the penis, are around the anus, or between the penis and the scrotum.. Mild. 3 Oct 2011 yellow or green discharge from penis, swollen testicles with pain.. Facts · Mild Dysplasia Causes · Does Blue Waffle Disease Really Exist? What are these lesions on the outside of your vagina when blue waffle. What happens if you have sex with a girl that has a blue waffle? It the tip of your penis. What does blue waffles do to a penis? My penis smells like blue waffles? What is a blue waffle? Medical Name for Blue Waffle?. Blue Waffle Disease Details!. BLUE TURKEY TWIZZLE LMFAO good one haha thats classic, the penis turns into this bluish color lmao that would suck. Reply.

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